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Product Information:

  • Choice of 20x20 tent. (Frame tents are for hard surfaces)
  • Choice of 1 Plain Bouncer
  • 36 Chairs
  • 6 6ft Rectangle Tables
  • Popup tent
  • Choice of 2 cocession machines

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


Choose 2 Concessions:

  • 10x15 pop up tent

    We offer 10x15 Popup Tents. Pop up Tents are great for many occasions.

    - Great for small gatherings an can hold a few tables and guest.

    - Birthday Parties

    - Provides shade over food tables

    - Great for young kids parties

    - Sports events

    - fundraisers

    - Pool Area Shade

  • 6' Rectangle Tables

    6' Rectangle Tables great for any occasion. You can fit 6 chairs at this table with adults and 8 chairs for young kids per table

  • Cotton Candy Machine

    A must have at any party or event. Bring the joy of eating Cotton Candy to the next step by being able to make it at your own home. KIDS LOVE Cotton Candy. Includes supplies for 50 people. Extra supplies are available at an extra cost.

    Flavors included:  Pink Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, and Birthday Cake.

  • Extra 25 Cotton Candy Servings

    Additional 25 servings

  • Hotdog Roller

    Hot dog roller is a great way for easy cooking. Set it and forget it. Also saves some space for grilling!

  • Popcorn Machine

    Carnival style Popcorn machine with supplies for 50 people. The BEST Popcorn around!!

    Super easy to use. Light snack for your guests to enjoy! Great for movie night events! We ask that only responsible adults operate the concession machines, to prevent any injury. 

  • Extra 25 Popcorn Servings

    Additional 25 servings

  • Sno-Cone Machine

    Sno-Cones gives a tasty treat and also is a good way to cool down your guests. This machine comes with 4 flavors and cones for up to 50 people. Flavors: Cherry, Grape, Blue raspberry, and Orange

    This is one of the easiest Concessions to operate. We are not talking the Old school Snoopy hand crank sno-cone maker. This industrial grade machine will chop 10 bags of ice in a matter of minutes!   

    Extra supplies can be purchased if needed for an additional cost.

  • Extra 25 Sno-Cone Candy Servings

    Additional 25 servings

  • Choose Tent Type

  • 20x20 Frame Tent

    Frame tents are great because they can go on grass or a hard surface. Our 16oz vinyl tents are great for shade or if there is rain in the forcast. Using 4 Round tables it can hold 32 people, if using rectangle tables you would get 6 tables and 36  chairs. SIDE WALLS AND LIGHTS AVAILABLE  for additional price.

  • 20x20 Pole Tent

    20x20 White Pole tent is great for a grass set-up.  Great for shade  from the sun or if there is rain in the forcast. Accomidates 36 guests if using 6 rectangle tables, and 32 guests if using 4 round tables. THIS CAN ONLY BE SET UP ON A SURFACE THAT WE CAN USE STAKES ON. GRASS ONLY****** SIDEWALLS AND LIGHTS AVAILABLE for additional cost.

  • Lifetime folding chair whiteLifetime brand- White folding Style chair with metal legs. The most comfortable type of chair to have for your guests! These chairs are sturdy with back support. They won't break, fold up, or tip over on a slight incline. Recommended for any size human. These are the only type of chairs I'd have for my personal party.
  • Select 1 Bouncer

  • 15x15 Neutral Bouncer

    Let your guest enter your property with an amazing jump castle having them know the kids will be having the time of thier lives. Our 15ftx15ft plain bouncer is the perfect bouncer for any gathering. It offers plenty of room kids to freely bounce around.

  • 15x15 Rainbow Bouncer

    Our 15x15 bounce castle is perfect for any gathering. Kids can freely jump around in the open floor plan. A plain bounce house is a great addition to a pool party. New saftey tunnel entrance adds a bit of security while kids are entering the machine.

  • Fire&Ice Plain Bouncer

    14 x14 Fire & Ice bouncer endless hours of fun for the kids! Usually the parents have to remind their kids to come out to eat and drink. They can't get enough play in the bouncer! The vibrant bright colors makes for a psychedelic effect. Basketball hoop is also located on the inside.

  • Lava

    14x14 Lava plain castle. What a perfect bouncer to keep the kids busy while the adults hang out. Plenty of room for some fun bouncing.

  • Titanium 15x15

    15x15 Plain Bouncer gives a large bouncing area for the kids to have a great time! Color theme with the Titanium is more unique than the usual colored bounce house.      14ftL x 14ftW x 15ftH

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