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Product Information:

  • Choice of 1 style tent. 20x20 pole tent or frame tent. Pole tents are for grass, Frame tents are for hard surfaces.
  • Choice of 1 combo bouncer
  • 1 sand art kit for 16 people ( 1lb bottles 11 colors of sand)
  • 4 60" round tables or 6 rectangle tables and 36 chairs.
  • 1 Food Table
  • Pop up tent
  • Choice of 2 concessions (Popcorn, Sno cone, Cotton Candy, Hot Dog Roller)
  • 6ft. grill with propane
  • 2 6ft ice tables for drinks or salads (Fill & Chill)

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


Choose 2 Concessions:

  • 3017 00 Package 85805463e 0790 47fd 9a90 4066766a4496.55952fed0c71017425456fa37cea13da 1 1644029737 Package 8flossugar birthday cake cotton candy mix 3 25lbs 4 65158.1623945118 1644029737 Package 8Cotton Candy Machine

    Includes supplies for 50 people. Extra supplies are available at an extra cost.

    Flavors included:  Pink vanilla, blue raspberry, and Birthday cake.

  • 618XGwr0bwL. AC SL1200 1644068760 Package 8Hotdog Roller

    Hot dog roller is a great way for easy cooking. Set it and forget it. Also saves some space for grilling!

  • FT860CR 003 53cf0e56 b4e8 4485 8c0d Package 8Popcorn Machine

    Carnival style Popcorn machine with supplies for 50 people. The BEST Popcorn around!!

    Super easy to use. Light snack for your guests to enjoy! Great for movie night events! We ask that only responsible adults operate the concession machines, to prevent any injury. 

  • s381367467179814092 p62 i10 w1397 1644637337 Package 8Sno-Cone Machine

    Sno-Cones gives a tasty treat and also is a good way to cool down your guests. This machine comes with 4 flavors and cones for up to 50 people. Flavors: Cherry, Grape, Blue raspberry, and Orange

    This is one of the easiest Concessions to operate. We are not talking the Old school Snoopy hand crank sno-cone maker. This industrial grade machine will chop 10 bags of ice in a matter of minutes!   

    Extra supplies can be purchased if needed for an additional cost.

Choose A Combo Bounce House:

  • 20220111 095254 1644005246 Package 8JCX CFD32GAT4 1646350279 Package 8Fire & Ice wet/dry combo

    Fire and Ice Dual lane wet/dry Combo bouncer. 

  • 20141005 152315 1644067002 Package 820150425 150903 1644067003 Package 8Frozen wet/dry Combo

    Authentic Disney Frozen Themed Wet/Dry Combo

    The kids can jump with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff! 

    There is a Large jumping area with a basketball hoop. Up a 6ft Stair climb then down the thrilling 6ft. slide!

  • 20220207 142822 1644262203 Package 820220207 142745 1644262203 Package 8Princess Combo

    The Magical Princess Combo is genuine dream come true for any little princess! Be dazzeled by Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Tiana, Jasmine, Snow White, and Aurora!

    This Combo bouncer has a large Jump area, Stair Climb, Slide and basketball hoop. This can be used wet or dry.

  • 20200828 111900 1644014961 Package 8Rainbow Rhino

    The Rhino is the perfect Combo Bouncer for any occasion. There's a Large jump area with a Rock climb Zone. Then the kids slip down the wet or dry slide. Which there is a shallow splash pool at the bottum of the slide for saftey. The best part of this unit is the kids are constantly rotating in or out of the bouncer. That way they can go get a drink or say Mommy watch what I can do!!

  • 20220111 095314 1644007070 Package 8Titanium wet/dry dual lane combo

    Hop on this awesome inflatable and jump around shoot some baskets with the built in basketball hoop. When you are ready climb up the stairs and take the plunge down the dual lane wet/dry slide. This is perfect for the little larger crowd. It keeps the flow going through the bouncer with the slide.

  • Tropical 1644011130 Package 8Tropical wet/dry combo

    The Tropical combos are our most popular units as it gives a feeling of being in the tropics. Four posts that look like palm trees. It offers a 14x 14 Jumping area with basketball hoop. Wall climb that leads up to a slide that can be used wet or dry.

  • 20210423 133848 1644267911 Package 8Ultimate Combo

    The Ultimate combo is good for younger kids (9 and under) The slide can also be used wet or dry. There is a large jump area with a basketball hoop, climb area, and a slide.

Choose Tent Type:

  • 20180704 123611 (1) 1644257343 Package 820220111 114205 (1) 1644257344 Package 820x20 Frame Tent

    Frame tents are great because they can go on grass or a hard surface. Our 16oz vinyl tents are great for shade or if there is rain in the forcast. Using 4 Round tables it can hold 32 people, if using rectangle tables you would get 6 tables and 36  chairs. Dont forget the sidwalls.

  • 20200911 170932 (1) 1644018209 Package 820201002 150444 1644018210 Package 820x20 Pole Tent

    20x20 White Pole tent is great for a grass set-up.  Great for shade  from the sun or if there is rain in the forcast. Accomidates 36 guests if using 6 rectangle tables, and 32 guests if using 4 round tables. THIS CAN ONLY BE SET UP ON A SURFACE THAT WE CAN USE STAKES ON. GRASS ONLY

  • Eclipse 10x15 Royal Blue White (1) 1644275023 Package 810x15 pop up tent

    We offer 10x15 Popup Tents. Pop up Tents are great for many occasions.

    - Great for small gatherings an can hold a few tables and guest.

    - Birthday Parties

    - Provides shade over food tables

    - Great for young kids parties

    - Sports events

    - fundraisers

    - Pool Area Shade

  • 800227 1644334533 Package 86' Rectangle Tables

    6' Rectangle Tables great for any occasion. You can fit 6 chairs at this table with adults and 8 chairs for young kids per table

  • 81KdUTu1PpL. AC SX425 1644275351 Package 86ft Grill

    This 8 burner grill has 116,000 BTUs. It can cook 65 Hamburgers or 126 Hot Dogs.  Capable of cooking just about anything. Comes with 2 full propane tanks

  • Extra 25 Cotton Candy Servings

    Additional 25 servings

  • Extra 25 Popcorn Servings

    Additional 25 servings

  • Extra 25 Sno-Cone Candy Servings

    Additional 25 servings

  • 20220111 103259 1644028704 Package 820220111 103328 1644262790 Package 8Fill & Chill Tables

    Fill and Chill Tables are useful and very versatile for your party. Use them for drinks, salads, clam bar, etc. 

  • 07d4b4615fdfa5a44c1cae62c3da0ecb Package 8Lifetime folding chair whiteLifetime brand- White folding Style chair with metal legs. The most comfortable type of chair to have for your guests! These chairs are sturdy with back support. They won't break, fold up, or tip over on a slight incline. Recommended for any size human. These are the only type of chairs I'd have for my personal party.
  • 20150516 102921 (1) 1644258663 Package 8Sand Art

    Sand art kits available. Our kits are 16 bottles and 1.5 lbs. of sand in 11 diffirent colors. We supply the sand, bottles, spoons, funnels, and bowls for sand. We have a large assortment of bottles. 

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